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Sanxingdui bronze statues have been cast for more than 3,000 years. So far, such a huge bronze giant is the first example of Shang and Zhou cultural relics unearthed in China, so it is known as the "Oriental Giant". So, who might this bronze statue represent? The excavator at the time, Mr. Chen Xiandan, believed that he was a religious leader with a combination of politics and religion. Mr. Duan Yu, director of the History Institute of the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, speculated from the size of the statue that it is the symbol of the king of Shu. Mr. Zhao Dianzeng also considered from the perspective of the manufacturer's selection of materials, and believed that the statue of standing people was in command of the overall situation among the bronze statues.

    Name: Sanxingdui Bronze Statue

    Type: Character

    Processing customization: processing customization

    Scope of application: exhibition hall

    Place of Origin: Henan

    Specifications and dimensions: height 1560mm

    Height: 156cm

    Width: 60cm

    Inventory: 200 pieces

    Weight: about 40kg

    Color: green

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