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The heads of the twelve zodiac animals in Yuanmingyuan, the bronze statues of the zodiac are in the shape of stone carvings wearing robes, and the heads are in realistic style. The material used for casting the animal head was the red copper refined by the Qing court at that time. According to research, the bronze statues of the Chinese zodiac were arranged in a figure-eight shape on both sides of a pool in front of the Haiyan Hall in Yuanmingyuan, and were called "water clocks" by the people of the time. Every day, the bronze statues of the 12 zodiacs will spray water in turn, representing different times of the day. The Haiyantang Zodiac Fountain is a fountain clock designed according to the Chinese zodiac. Every hour, the zodiac clock that belongs to that hour will automatically spray water. At twelve o'clock noon, the twelve zodiac signs spray water at the same time, and the design is extremely delicate. The main building of Haiyan Hall faces west, with eleven rooms up and down. There are stacked water fountains on the left and right of the building door. There is a large fountain under the steps. Twelve hours of each day and night, the twelve zodiac signs take turns to spray water, commonly known as "water clock". The portrait of Twelve Lives was originally painted on the 12 stone platforms on both the north and south banks of the fan-shaped pool in front of the Haiyan Hall in the Western Building of Yuanmingyuan. On the south bank are Zirat, Yinhu, Chenlong, Wuma, Shenhou and Xugou; on the north bank are Chou Niu, Maotu, Si Snake, Weiyang, Youji and Haizhu. These portraits are all beast-headed and human, with a bronze head and a stone body. They are connected with a hollow spouting pipe. Every hour (two hours), the portraits representing that hour will spray water from their mouths; at noon, at ten At the same time, a fountain gushing from the mouth of Ersheng's portrait is a spectacle. These bronze zodiac statues are 50 centimeters high, with fine carvings, and are the finest in Qing Dynasty bronzes. In the middle of the pool is a clam stone sculpture about two meters high, and six stone seats are arranged on both sides of the pool in a figure-eight shape. Each stone is engraved with a figure of a beast-headed man in robes, the head of the beast is made of bronze, and the human body is made of stone. They are arranged according to the laws of the Chinese zodiac. Every hour (two hours today), the animal head representing that hour sprays water into the mouth, and the water is injected into the pool in a parabolic shape, that is, the hour (23:00 to 1:00 the next day). From 1:00 to 3:00, a water column is sprayed from the mouth of the bronze statue of the mouse head; from 1:00 to 3:00, the bronze statue of the head of the ox sprays a water column. At 12:00 noon, in addition to the horse's head continuing to spray water, water jets were also sprayed from the mouths of the other eleven animal statues. The scene was extremely spectacular in an instant. Therefore, people can know the time just by seeing the spray of water from the mouth of the zodiac head. This group of fountains is a huge and unique hydraulic clock.

    Product name: Chinese zodiac bronze animal head

    Category: Animals

    Material: Copper

    Hanging form: ornament

    Production method: pure handmade

    Printing logo: yes

    Dimensions: Height 270mm

    Net weight: 4.2kg

    Height: 27cm

    Length: 29cm

    Width: 23cm

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