Chinese Bronze Sculpture

What is Chinese Bronze?

Chinese bronze refers to any bronze cast in China before 1500 BC. Chiese Bronze sculptures are very famous world-wide. Bronze has been minted in China for about 3700 years. Most circa 1500-300 BCE bronzes, circa the Bronze Age in China, can be described as ritual vessels used to worship ancestors, often named in inscriptions on bronzes. Many are specially minted to commemorate important events in the lives of their owners. These ancient Chinese ritual vessels may represent the most remarkable achievements in the entire history of metal crafting before modern times.

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Ancient Chinese Green Bronze Jue Wine Vessel in Warring State and Han Dynasty

Customized Warring States Period Green Bronze Jue Cup, Father Xin Jue, Beast Face Pattern Jue, Bronze sculpture.

Bronze Goose-fish Lamp Ancient Chinese Bronze Decoration

Bronze Goose-fish Lamp is the ancient Chinese bronze lamp with the style of wild goose carrying a fish, was made with western Han 206 BC to 24 AD style.

30cm Oriental Style Double Dragon Ear Bronze Vessel

30cm Oriental Style Double Dragon Ear Bronze Vessel was popular in early Tang dynasty.

280 cm Chinese Bronze Garlic Head Bottle In Western Han Style

The bronze garlic bottle first started in the Shang and Zhou dynasties as a vessel for holding wine. There are many bronze wine vessels from the Central Plains.

Chinese Bronze Double Phoenix Drinking Vessel Jar

27cm high Chinese bronze double Phoenix drinking vessel jar, buy Chinese bronze ware from

Chinese Bronze Yu Zun in Shang Dynasty

Chinese Bronze Yu Zun was used to sacrifice in the late Shang Dynasty, It has bell mouth, high circle feet, shaped like a goblet.

Bronze Shiqiangpan Qiang Basin Vessel in Western Zhou Style

Shi Qiang Pan (Shi Bi Pan; "Scholar Qiang Basin"), also known as Qiang Pan (Wall Pan), is an ancient Chinese bronze vessel (basin). Dating back to the end of the 10th century BC, there is an inscription on it that is described as "China's first conscious attempt to write history.

Horse Stepping on a Swallow Bronze Sculpture Statue

Famous representative bronze sculpture handcraft of the Han Dynasty, the bronze statue of a Horse Stepping on a Swallow.

Bronze Antique Wine Pot Bronze Wine Pot Handcrafts

Chinese Antique Bronze Dragon Vein Wine Pot Tower Cover Home Decoration Beautiful Collection Craft Art for home and office.

Chinese Double Sheep Goat Zun Pot

27 cm high Old Chinese Bronze Ware Dynasty Double Sheep Goat Zun Pot Jar drinking vessel.


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