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The bronze statue of Horse Stepping on a Swallow is an outstanding work that integrates sculpture art and copper casting technology in the Eastern Han Dynasty. It represents the highest artistic achievement in the Eastern Han Dynasty in the history of Chinese sculpture. The bronze horse held its head high, its hooves tossed, its tail held high, and its mouth neighed, galloping forward at a rare "opposite-side trot" pace. Its three legs flew into the air, and its rear right hoof stepped on the back of a swallow that was fluttering. All this in an instant. Due to the lightness of the horse's hooves and the fluttering of the mane and tail, it is like flying in the sky, so that Feiyan is surprised by its speed without realizing it, which adds to the momentum of the bronze horse galloping in the air. The weight of the horse falls on one foot, and the small flying swallow can lay it flat, reflecting the originality of the designer. The lines of the horse and the swallow are smooth and the proportions are well-proportioned. The bronze galloping horse, also known as the horse stepping on the flying swallow, was unearthed in Wuwei, Gansu Province in 1969, and the owner was a general of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The galloping horse is galloping, its hooves are rolling, its head is raised, its tail is raised, its mouth is neighing, it is galloping forward with a rare "opposite trot", its three legs are in the air, and its right hind foot is stepping on the back of a flying swallow. superior. Swallow looked back in surprise, echoing it, galloping his head slightly to the left, as if trying to figure out what happened. The author expresses the thrilling moment of the horse stepping on the flying swallow with incomparable superb skills, which is beyond repertoire. With the method of setting the clouds and the moon, the galloping horses are contrasted, and the ideas are extraordinary. This utensil is a magical and rare treasure in the history of ancient Chinese sculpture art. Now it is the symbol of China's tourism, which means a thousand miles in a day and a success in a short time.

Height: 35CM, Length: 44CM, Width: 9CM, Weight: 1.9KG

Height: 19CM, Length: 27CM, Width: 34CM,

Height: 16.5CM, Length: 20CM, Width: 5CM, Weight: 0.7KG

Height: 27CM, Length: 33CM, Width: 8CM, Weight: 2.0KG

    Height: 16.5CM, Length: 20CM, Width: 5CM, Weight: 0.7KG

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