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Bronze Goose-fish Lamp is the ancient Chinese bronze lamp with the style of wild goose carrying a fish, was made with western Han 206 BC to 24 AD style. It's a handcrafts like the ancient Bronze Goose-fish Lamp, the artifacts unearthed from the Qin and Han tombs in Pingshuo, with vivid shapes and exquisite craftsmanship, is a rare art treasure. 

Features of Bronze Goose-fish Lamp

The Bronze Goose-fish Lamp is fully made of bronze, and the whole sculpture is in the shape of a geese looking back and holding a fish. The wild goose has a crown on the top of its forehead, round eyes, a slender neck, a wide and fat body, with wings cast on both sides of the body, a short tail that is upturned, the feet stand side by side, and the palms are webbed. The wild goose's beak is open to hold a fish, the fish body is short and fat, and the lampshade cover is attached to the bottom. The crown of the geese is painted with red color, and the geese and fish are covered with emerald green color. On the geese, fish and the lampshade screen, the feathers, scales and Kuilong patterns are drawn with ink lines. The Yanyu Lantern is 34.5 cm long and 53 cm high.

The Craftmanship of Wrong gold and silver

On the surface of the utensils decorated by the "wrong gold and wrong silver" process, gold, silver and bronze show different luster, and they complement each other. The patterns and inscriptions are extraordinarily gorgeous and elegant. The image is more vivid. In the Warring States Period, the craftsmanship of "Cross Gold and Cu Silver" has become very mature. Not only containers, belt hooks, weapons, etc. use "Cuo Jin Cuo Yin", but also in the copper mouths and ears of chariots, symbols, bronze mirrors and lacquer ware, etc. Extensive use of fine "wrong gold wrong silver" decoration. Because this process is complicated to make and the material is expensive, only the nobles could use it at that time. After the Eastern Han Dynasty, the once-prosperous craftsmanship of "wrong gold and wrong silver" was gradually submerged by the war at that time.

    Category: Bronze

    Material: Copper

    Hanging form: ornament

    Ornament pattern: fish, insects, birds and beasts

    Production method: semi-manual and semi-mechanical

    Printing logo: yes

    Height: 33cm

    Length: 23cm

    Width: 11cm

    Weight: 2.1kg

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