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A famous bronze ware in the Western Zhou Dynasty. A sacrificial vessel made for the official wall of King Gong of the Western Zhou Dynasty. The shape of the device is grand and well-made. The height of the plate is 16.2 cm and the diameter is 47.3 cm. Round, shallow abdomen, double ears, ring feet. The belly is decorated with bird patterns, the circle feet are decorated with cloud patterns, and the thunder pattern is used as the ground. The inner bottom is cast with an inscription of 18 lines and 284 characters. The four-character sentence pattern used in the article is similar to the "Book of Songs". The wording is neat and beautiful. The first half of the inscription praises the important political achievements of the Western Zhou Dynasty Kings Wen, Wu, Cheng, Kang, Zhao and Mu, and the second half describes the family history of the Wei family to which the wall belongs. . The font of the inscription is the standard font at that time, the font is neat and uniform, even and sparse, the strokes are free to turn horizontally and vertically, the thickness is consistent, and the strokes are smooth. It has the meaning of Xiaozhuan in later generations. "Wall Pan" is very old, and many of the characters in it are no longer identifiable, leaving it to be explored by fellow scholars. The first part of the inscription traces the exploits of King Wen, Wu, Cheng, Kang, Zhao and Mu in the early Zhou Dynasty; the latter part records the development history of the Wei family, which provides a reliable basis for the study of the early Zhou history.

The Western Zhou Dynasty was a period when long inscriptions were cast. The content of the inscriptions involved the political planning of the ruling class, the conquests and killings, the sacrificial speeches, the offering of feasts, the transfer of land between nobles, criminal proceedings, oaths and contracts, and wedding customs. This inscription font is the standard font of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Its shape is uniform and the pen style is smooth.

Pan is a kind of eating vessel, which appeared relatively early, and the shape of the vessel has not changed much until today. The discs in the Western Zhou Dynasty generally had two ears, with a ring foot or three small feet under the ring foot.

    Category: Utensils

    Material: Copper

    Hanging form: ornament

    Ornament pattern: fish, insects, birds and beasts

    Printing logo: yes

    Dimensions: Height 180mm

    Net weight: 10.7kg

    Height: 18cm

    Width: 55cm

    Diameter: 47cm

    Whether to customize: yes

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