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The 27 cm high Old Chinese Bronze Ware Dynasty Double Sheep Goat Zun Pot Jar drinking vessel, It has the solemnity and heaviness of bronze ware, but also shows the affinity and vitality of animals.

Sheep has always been a docile and kind image in Chinese culture, and it also conveys auspicious meanings. It can be seen in the shapes and carvings of many utensils. Although we now seem to think that sheep are not aggressive, like a soft persimmon, we have to admit that in ancient China thousands of years ago, sheep did have a place among the beasts.

In other cultures, sheep also play an important role. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the sheep symbolized the supreme sun god - Amon; in ancient Greek mythology, the sheep was the god in charge of animal husbandry and agriculture - Pan.

In ancient China, the shape of sheep has always been loved by people. In ancient Chinese, "sheep" and "xiang" are connected. Therefore, the inscription of auspicious sheep can be seen on many gold and stone bells and tripods. At the same time, sheep is a homonym of the word "yang" for the sun, and the idiom "three sheep Kaitai" means the spring flowers are blooming and everything is prosperous.

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    Product name: Chinese Double Sheep Goat Zun Pot

    Category: Animals

    Material: copper alloy

    Hanging form: ornament

    Ornament pattern: fish, insects, birds and beasts

    Production method: pure handmade

    Printing logo: yes


    Length 30cm, width 11cm, height 27cm

    Net weight:


    Whether to customize: yes

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