Chinese Silverware Show 2022


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China's treasured bronze ware, the discovery of "He Zun"

​Many people still don't know the origin of the word "China". Today, I will tell you about the earliest source of the word "China".

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The Angel - Sanxingdui Bronze Mask

This peculiar mask collected by the National Museum was unearthed at the Sanxingdui site in Nanxing Town, Guanghan, Sichuan. It is 85.4 cm high and 78 cm wide.

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The Characteristics and Significance of Bronze Zun with Dragon and Tiger Pattern in Shang Dynasty

The dragon and tiger pattern bronze statue, also known as the dragon and tiger statue, is a bronze ware from the Shang Dynasty.

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"Simu Wuding" or "Stepmother Wuding"?

Chinese bronzes are famous all over the world. They not only have many varieties, exquisite shapes, but also imaginative shapes.

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Early Yunnan Bronze Culture

The bronze culture in Yunnan has been discovered earlier in the Spring and Autumn Period, in Jianchuan Aofeng Mountain, Xiangyun Dabona, Chuxiong Wanjiaba, Jinning Shizhai Mountain, Jiangchuan Lijia Mountain, Anning Taiji Mountain, Chenggong Tianzi Temple and other places.

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The Essence of Chinese Wine Culture from the Bronze Garlic Bottle of the Western Han Dynasty

Garlic bottle is a type of Chinese bronze wine vessel that cannot be ignored.

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A 2000 Year Old Chinese Bronze Wine Jug was opened with wine fragrance wafting out. How to buy Chinese Ancient Bronze Wine Jug?

1 is such a vivid and imaginative bronze artwork, which surprises archaeologists, and they have more expectations for Tomb No. 1.

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What is the charm of "horses treading on flying swallows", the peerless treasure of Chinese bronzes?

If you also want to get the exquisite bronze statue of the Chinese bronze "horse stepping on a flying swallow", you can contact us. We are a company specializing in making imitation bronzes for museums. The production process is realistic and can be restored 1:1 with real cultural relics. Welcome to consult.

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